WTF was that Yo!

Ok, so we literally just said goodbye to 2020 and its foolishness. Then, in 2021 that same shit pops up? Yesterday in the Capital privilege and entitlement stormed the Capital. It wasn't Republicans that did that,it was the Privileged ones with Entitlement!

I have to say, I was extremely surprised when every news outlet I watched marked the difference in contrast to the George Floyd and Breana Taylor PROTEST. Particularly the police response to them versus the Entitled Ones from yesterday.

Yes it is true that the FBI is now looking into it, but it is like a moment too late to show that black voices matter.

I wasn't surprised at what happened because that's expected from some. What it was is that I was taken back by the response it received by the police and government. But maybe it was a necessary thing to finally tip the scales back balanced. Something big needed to happen, and this was it. Finally the WORLD can see what it feels like to be BLACK OR BROWN watching WHITE POWER AND ENTITLEMENT in America. Welcome to AMERIKKKA.

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