Time to throw it all away





develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

Hey Gypsies!!!

Let’s talk about relationships. Not just intimate ones, but friendships and relatives too. To start it, lets look at that definition again at the beginning. Evolve. I put the definition first, so that you can understand that it’s a process and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Holding on to these types of people hinder your growth, cause you to pour yourself out and not getreplenished.

Examples of these kind of relationships are: ones that just can't get right; which you already know is a waste of time, but you keep holding on because you fear the next chick will reap the benefits of your labor.

While you are trying to hold on to a person that does not want to be attached to you; you are blocking the person who is for you. They can't come into your life with no seats available. It could be that friendship/relative that no longer brings anything to your life but mess, drama, lies and headaches. Let that shit go! Allow yourself to only have place holders in your life that help you progress.Have you ever noticed that you may not be progressing in your life, because you are holding on to something or someone that's weighing you down? When you let people go positivity seems to just flood your life.

Ever wonder why?

The problem begins with fear. People have a fear of letting people go. What many people don't understand, is that walking away doesn't mean you have to end it on bad terms.

This means removing yourself from a direct path of their bullshit and the way they make you feel.

Ask yourself, is this making me feel, behave or think better?

Am I keeping this person around, because it makes them feel better? You never know that person might just actually need you to let them go so that they can be something greater too.

Maybe you're the hindrance in their life. Or at least that’s what you can tell them so they can take it easier. I don't know talk to me sis! In this day and age, do you think some people are

meant to be in your life for a season?

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