Life Path and Angel Numbers 6-9

So if you read part one of the Life Path and Angel Numbers you should have noticed the deeper we get into numbers the heavier the lessons. Numbers 6-9 are no different, below you will find the meaning and personality strengths and struggles, we all have the potential to correct hindering behaviors so we can reach our full potential, it is simply how committed to growth are you.

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Meaning of Number 6 represents unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture, and healing, if you are seeing this number it deals with love and family. You are getting a sign to focus on family, nurturing or healing. Take a breath and see what you might not be seeing in your domestic life. People born with the Life Path 6 tend to be idealistic to their own detriment, they see imbalance and injustice and it strikes them hard. Their self-sacrificing ways and passive demeanor make it easy for controlling numbers to overpower and manipulate. Their harmonious ways allow others around to have a place of openness and honesty. The ROMANTICS of all the numbers. But don’t attack someone they feel doesn’t have a voice the IRE of 6 RAISES to protect. Because of the charm, love and personality people are drawn to them like a magnet. But Number 6 tends to forget responsibilities, finish your work!

Personality traits for number 6:







Meaning of Number 7 represents SPIRIT. 7 is a prime number, so when we break it down, we generally do it by adding 3 and 4 so it’s time for spiritual work and don’t worry you will be guided. People born with the Life Path 7 are the forever students of the universe. Extremely introspective individuals with the constant yearning for knowledge, enjoy seeking out the inner workings of things constantly in their own mind. I would know I'm a 7!!! Life Path 7 are extremely spiritual but tend to shy from being religious, unable to stick to doctrine that isn’t open to new information. The love of solitude, not having to explain themselves and tend to enjoy the company of likeminded others can cause them to close the world out. They keep their friend numbers low and intimate, making them good project and teammates. Number 7 be careful because you shift from HIGHS to LOWs can be draining for those that are close, sometimes you must get out your head. Your mental strength in mathematics and science is amazing and intriguing.

Personality traits for number 7:







Meaning of Number 8 represents an ever-flowing energy that is persistent, and generates success, money, power, justice, balance, and authority. If you are seeing this Angel Number, they are trying to show you where the money and spiritual growth, is so pay attention. People born with the Life Path 8 tend to be providers everything is a business arrangement even LOVE. Material wealth is the only indicator that they have succeeded. They are authorities, strong leaders, that know their way and path. You are or have potential to stay stressed, your mind never rests. Make sure you are giving you mind as much rest as your body needs. Meditation and relaxation are a MUST in your life otherwise your Grinch comes out often. The Scorpio in this number won’t let you stop planning and thinking and the Capricorn in this number won’t let you stop working or hustling and won’t let you be content. But 8 is a karmic number so play nice you’ll be reaping what you sow due to that infinity energy.

Personality traits for number 8




Be careful you can come off as entitled, materialistic and a bossy know it all.

Meaning of Number 9 is the number of completions get ready for SOUL WORK and purpose. People born with the Life Path 9 are extremely generous soul, willing to give parts of yourself away to help others, but unlike Number 6 Life Paths you will not self-sacrifice and you don’t feel obligated too. You come to the point of understanding by going through things in life. So, understand that this wisdom and knowledge is earned through experience. You know how much you can give and know when you cut it off. But be careful Life Path Number 9 tend to prematurely cut things off when it is difficult, and experience comes with riding the tide. Life Path 9 is very tolerant, but it can turn resentful from the negative impacts, remember wisdom comes from experience. Don’t let the bad tide wipe you out, your experiences will pay off, you are completion. Sacrificing which can cause imbalance, so make sure you are speaking up and telling how you are feeling.

Personality traits for number 9







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