Let Relax and Chill

It' so ironic to me, that everytime I have a mental traffic jam,it is the same time I need to share a thought. Like its a psychological purge before a mental shutdown.

So let's jump in!

2020 has been so many things, but comfortable IT WAS NOT! We all were faced with realities of living in different realities. The things that grounded us and gave us identity were either tested or destroyed. Things you tolerated with ease this year made you want to rip your fucking skin off. But after you have spazzed you were raw and bare of the fake you. Now are you going to be true to you or put that fake you back on?

For me, this year solidified the need for not only my existence, but my husband's existence, my children's existence, friends, family etc.

You see to think we are all drops in the bucket is easy, but truly think about how we are all connected as HUMANS. How the pain we receive is the reflection of a pain unprocessed in the deliverer. To use your voice for the first time in 2020 when you thought you had been using it your whole life, it was like whiplash. This year we all faced a gut punch, slap, hug, choke and apology! And now we are tired and need to rest.

Really think of what you have and want to be going into 2021. Give real love and open yourself to receive it. Put the hurt and judgment down and focus on love and forward movement.

So, for me no social media as I purge these last days 2020 to correct my energy.

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