Ladies! What's going on ?

Why is it so hard for us to love up on one another. This generation coming up I see the camaraderie but women around my mother's generation 48-60s (not my actual mom) vs mine 30's it's a constant fight. They either feel you need to bow down to them or respect them even though they havent earned it and their behavior shows they dont deserve it. I have always tried to be politically correct and respectful to my elders. But in my 30s I'm realizing respect isn't given its earned. It's this crab in a barrel mindset that's like how dare you try to be great, and make me look bad because I dont want to have to work to be great. Like WTF. Now dont get me wrong not all Black women in the 45 to 60s age range are like that, but unfortunately alot are. But I will not let anyone hold me back simply because they dont want me stepping on their none moving toes. I personally love competition especially when its friendly. I have a close friend that I want to be great and our eyes are set on same thing but neither of us deter the other from going after it. I would never ask her to shift her crown on my behalf and vice versa. But older women in my life have asked me to not be competitive with them and concede simply based on age not work ethic or qualifications but on age. Nope. I wont shift my crown the best person for anything should be determined though fair shots, in other words the universe's will be done! I'm realizing the truer I am with myself the less dependent people I have around me and the more negative energies I see watching me. But I will be a light in the dark. Because I will never stop encouraging myself and others to be great and go hard for what you want.

Never Shift your crown babes, because you will never forgive yourself for it.

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