Full Moon In Cancer ♋ Bye 2020

Updated: Feb 10

Full Moon in Cancer in Capricorn Season OMG!

SO #Capricorn is polar to #Cancer and ruled by Moon. But with Saturn no longer in Cancer but has left for #Aquarius WE will FEEEL our emotions and sensitivity run deep, so LETS connect.

If you can reflect on the last 2 weeks and how things have changed. Has it been for the good? Have you stuck to commitments or what can help you moving forward with being consistent? A new year begins in 2 days but that doesnt mean abandon ship, it means find another route.

With 2020 ending we are all taking a deep breathe. We dealt with blatant racism this year, a pandemic, protest, the vast difference of social economic advantages between racial groups, the acknowledgement of these systematic inequalities in The World, female repression, WAPS which really takes me back to JTs dick in a can, and EVERYONE GETTING EXPOSED OR CANCELLED 😞. I THINK we earned this full moon to let it go and start 2021 with Love, patience and understanding. So as you rest you head tonight try to journal about the YOU that will show up in 2021.

Sweet Dreams Gypsies


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