A Diamond

First, let me say thank you for choosing to visit the circle this month. I have been taking some time to look around at life. I have been looking at how I see myself vs how I want to see myself and noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. As I am settling into my thirties, it seems that I am transitioning into everything I wanted to be but didn’t know. Let me break that down for you, I have always found myself to be the tomboy edgy type of girl. I have always felt humbled and never wanted to say I was pretty or fine due to not wanting to be viewed as conceded or stuck up. Which by the way is so wrong and a healthy process, so why are we told not to?

Well by not doing this you are not feeding into you self-confidence, so make sure you are looking in that mirror and saying “DAMN GIRL you look goodt!” and get you a man that tell you the same thing daily. I do!

But as I am stepping into my thirties, I realized I am everything but tomboy, I am SUPER feminine and gentle but prior to now didn’t realize I just wasn’t comfortable in that role or expression of self. Throughout life I haven’t been handled the most delicate, but I didn’t realize that didn’t make me any less of a diamond. You see diamonds are not handled gently until they are polished, shaped, and cleaned. I think too often in urban communities and family’s timidness, fear, vulnerability as made fun of and looked down on. Just like high self-confidence is viewed as stuck up, while narcissism is viewed at as strength. We as women as taught to be tough and thoroughbred when we are delicate and precious but strong at the same time.

Have you ever thought about the girls from adolescence that many girls hated for being nice, super prissy and feminine in school? Or what about the fly girls with all the newest clothes, that wasn’t so friendly and will fight yet they were glorified.

I bring up adolescences, because that is where, we as humans start forming how we want to be viewed as. If we don’t see femininity gloried as we do resilience, we can’t appreciate the power it has.

Even when it comes to asking other opinions and advice of how they got where they are, why is it all a secret or shame? Lately I have been looking to see what I can learn from the next chick instead of always trying to figure it all out. And from what I learn from others I ask questions and take what I can and leave what I don’t need. Its ok to reshape who you are based on who you want to be because all that pressure you felt while being created like that diamond, gave you that right!

So, do it

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