1 Day Past Conjunction

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Now that December 21st has passed and a new cycle has begun, truly understand that the foundation for the next 19 years is being laid out. What has the last 19 years taught you?

Saturn is associated with 6th Chakra, and is guiding us to one of the highest levels of our spiritual evolution. Saturn is associated with time and is timeless, while Jupiter is associated 5th chakra the crown. The crown chakra granting you the power of understanding.

You literally can change your way of thinking moving forward. This has been a time not only to get to know yourself but also to grow. Your illusions were taken this year as it closed a cycle, and now you need to make a choice. Listen to your intuition, guides, and lessons learned or stubbornly proceeds in Capricorn. Capricorn is cardinal fire 🔥 so initiation is beginning but the momentum will not last if you don't learn from the last 19 years of lessons.


Daily positive affirmations

AM Journaling

Being grateful and present

Not allowing yourself to shift energy abruptly but instead processing


others emotionally but don't absorb the problems

No gossiping or jealously

Send love not matter what

Now gypsies your turn

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